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EVERY GIRL and JENGA CDO believe that no one should be without access to safe sanitary wear. As many we work with are not able to afford this, they often use unsafe alternatives like newspaper, which can cause infections. In response to this, EVERY GIRL is training volunteers like Moses, who is pictured above, how to teach girls to make sanitary wear out of locally sourced items as well as providing training on menstrual health and hygiene. Girls are being taught how to then share this knowledge with women and girls in their communities. 


The training packs that are modelled by Moses, can be used repeatedly to teach groups of twenty girls and women at a time. The girls will need to supply some fabric which could be cotton sheeting or an old item of clothing, thread, a layer of plastic if they wish for the pad to be waterproof and a button. 


We are also passionate about teaching men about women's health. We have found that in order to see improvements in women's health and wellbeing we need to empower both men and women. The training for men consists of three one hour sessions covering sexual consent, domestic violence and menstruation.

We are passionate that this knowledge should be shared in order to reach as many women and girls as possible. If you are interested in training volunteers in your communities, then do get in touch. We have placed our materials on the 'Resources' page and when you email us, we will send you the password to unlock the page. The further we can share knowledge the better. 


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