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May 2020

The training of volunteers and the giving out of training packs to the organisations where we have been training volunteers has been running since February. So far we have trained 179 volunteers and given out 9 training kits. This has included training in a seminary, a primary school, a hospital near Kampala, one of the Mother's Union archdeaconries amongst other places. Volunteers have included cleaners, community workers, teachers, nurses, midwives, students and doctors amongst others. It has been so exciting to see so many individuals so excited to share this training with those in their communities.

We have also received positive feedback from one of our trainers near Kampala. Moses works for a hospital as head of the community services. He has been teaching in some of his local communities and met a mother called Care. Care had been spending 15,000 Ugandan shillings (approximately £3.20) on sanitary pads each school term. After learning how to make her own pads, Care taught her daughter who has now made her own sanitary wear. Care said "This time I have saved".

Whilst 15,000 shillings may seem like a small amount of money, this is often unaffordable or very difficult to afford for many in our communities. This saving means that Care can put this money towards school fees, food and other essential needs which her family has. It is really exciting to see and to hear testimonies of people benefitting from the training!

Like the rest of the world, Uganda is facing restrictions at the moment to ensure our safety. For this reason, trainings have been stopped for the time being. However, this is giving us to reflect on the work we have done so far; what has worked well and what we can improve on and is giving us time to plan the women's health training programme for the men.

Stay tuned for our next developments and thank you so much to all those who have invested in us so far!!


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